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Redskins Lose Latest Appeal in Name Change Fight

The Washington Redskins have lost the latest appeal in their fight to hold onto the legal protections for their name.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Oh jeez...

Tell you what: today is not the day for the latest in the name change debate, despite however the comments section is bound to look like. This story continues to hang around, and there are no signs that either side is ready to back down.

I understand--please believe me--the deeply held beliefs of those on either side within our fanbase. I ask that we not let this issue divide us today. We will get there I am sure.

Maybe I'll just provide this one tidbit on the news of the latest legal setback in the team's legal defense of its trademarks: the current strategy does not seem to be working.

I am struggling to reconcile the desired outcome with the manner in which the team is fighting. It just seems like the likelihood of an endgame where everyone can be happy--or at least one side doesn't feel destroyed--goes down by the second.

I don't know guys. To those of you who have voiced displeasure over coverage of this topic in the past, I will be sure to appropriately label my upcoming post on the topic so you won't accidentally stumble across it or unknowingly open it up. We talk Redskins here, and this topic is absolutely pertinent. Please try and not beat each other up too much on this.