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Daily Slop: Phillip Thomas Benefiting From Full Offseason; Young Running Backs Vying For Second Role

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A collection of Redskins articles from around the web

Daily Slop1

Need to Know: Redskins have a big mountain to climb to improve their record | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
Here is what you need to know on this Monday, July 6, 24 days before the Washington Redskins start training camp. A big mountain to climb A few weeks ago here I looked at some reasons why the Redskins could be better than we think.

Phillip Thomas Benefiting From Full Offseason
Healthy with regular-season experience under his belt, Redskins safety Phillip Thomas has used the offseason to improve in nearly every facet.

Niles Paul is Focused on Becoming a Better Blocker
Going into this offseason Niles Paul knew there was a major factor limiting his progress at tight end...

Redskins' Weekly - More QB Confusion - Fanspeak Washington Redskins Blog

Redskins hoping three play callers are better than one - Richmond Times-Dispatch
ASHBURN - Using three quarterbacks wasn’t a winning formula for the Washington Redskins in 2014, but coach Jay Gruden hopes for better results as he deploys three play-callers in 2015.

Trent Murphy, Jackson Jeffcoat Trying Jiu-Jitsu In California
How are Trent Murphy and Jackson Jeffcoat staying in shape this offseason? Jiu-Jitsu.

Young Running Backs Vying For Second Role

As the Redskins head into training camp trying to figure out the right depth at each position, they feel good about their young stable of available running backs.

Are NFC East defenses ready for Tony Romo and Dallas Cowboys offense? - NFL Nation - ESPN
The Eagles, Giants and Redskins all reworked their defenses, but whether they did enough to hang with Tony Romo's Cowboys remains to be seen.

Effective Concussion Treatment Remains Frustratingly Elusive, Despite a Booming Industry - The New York Times
Start-ups and doctors are in zealous pursuit of new and sometimes controversial ways to prevent, detect and treat concussions.

Jason Pierre-Paul Injures Hand With Fireworks - The New York Times
Pierre-Paul, a defensive end who has been in a contract squabble with the Giants, was in the intensive care unit of a Florida hospital after a Fourth of July accident, teammates and media reports said.

Greg Cosell's NFL Classroom: What to watch before the snap | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo Sports
From Yahoo Sports: I love when I come to the NFL Films offices on Monday and start look at the film to unlock why certain plays worked or didn't, and what makes players successful or not.