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The Independence Day Shuffle

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Enjoy a little distraction from business as usual today

Happy Independence Day, Hogs Haven! In this country, we have earned our freedoms. Among the most treasured is the right to listen to random mixes of music.

So fire up your iPod, CD player, or media player of your choice and hit shuffle. Post the first ten songs that come up. Then give the list a title, and then let Hogs Haven Nation know in the comments! No cheating to hide the lame songs/guilty pleasures. Violators will be labeled Cowgirl and shunned for a period of no less than 92 seconds.

Inagural Hogs Haven Saturday Shuffle

1.       January 1979 - mewithoutYou

2.       Sick Again - Led Zeppelin

3.       Sunset Collage 1 - Robert Fripp

4.       Bad Blood - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

5.       Freezing Process - Quicksand

6.       Funniest Thing - Supergrass

7.       Ma Ma Soul - The Verve

8.       Ocean Machines - Devin Townsend

9.       Improv 3 - Joe Satriani & Steve Vai

10.   Cure For Optimism - Porcupine Tree

Bonus Track - Solaris - Failure