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Washington Redskins Player Profiles: Trey Wolfe

Trey has had a very long, winding road to the NFL. Does that road end in Washington?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Cornerback

Height: 5'11", Weight: 193 lbs.

College: Fort Valley State

Drafted: Undrafted (2014)

#1. Trey Wolfe has one particularly interesting statistic associated with his football career.  He is the current NCAA leader (across all divisions) in average INTs per game at .7.  That's pretty remarkable.  Fort Valley State is a DII school and was Trey's third college in seven years.  You can read an incredible piece from SB Nation's Louis Bien all about Wolfe here.  I highly recommend it.  It's an excellent read and he really has had a pretty wild journey.

#2. Trey ended last season on the 'Skins PS.  He was re-signed to the squad in May... on the same day that Tracy Porter and Chris Chester were released.  He got his start in the NFL with the Seahawks.


#4. Trey has designed his own t-shirts that you can buy.  #NoFlyZone

#5. Trey has been compared to Brent Grimes.  He has incredible leaping ability and ball skills.  In college he always covered the opposing team's best WR.  He was a baseball CF in HS and specializes in tracking the ball in the air.  Both he and Grimes are small school CBs that have similar bodies and workout numbers.  You can read a really cool interview with Trey, as well as watch some college highlights here.

Bottom Line: Trey's journey certainly isn't over, but the question is will it stop here in Washington?  If he can make the team and establish himself, that could be the case.  If not, Trey's journey may take another turn out of D.C. and on to his next opportunity.