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The Washington Redskins Have Signed Ryan Kerrigan to a Contract Extension

Kerrigan wants to be a Redskin for life.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Kerrigan has signed a contract extension with the Washington Redskins for five years at $11.5M/yr.  The deal includes a $16M signing bonus.

"To get to a moment like this where you get a chance to play out the rest of your NFL career with the team that drafted you, the team that you love, the city that you love, it hasn't really hit me yet, but it's an awesome feeling."

"Now it's my job to go reward the Redskins for the faith they put in me by playing well this year and for the rest of my career."

"I think more than anything it's awesome, the vote of confidence that the Redskins have put in me.  Being drafted a couple of years back, defensive end who is becoming an outside linebacker, you're never sure how things are going to turn out for you."

"We want to win, and I know that's a simple thing to say, but it is.  I know the fans know how it was back in 2012 when we won the division, and that's got to be first and foremost our goal for this year and for the years to come is to get back to the top of the division and then make sure that the game we're playing in December, that they're counting something towards the standings and that we're a viable contender in the NFC."

- Ryan Kerrigan

Kerrigan is set to make $7.03M this year and now he gets five more years at $57.5M with $24.28M guaranteed.  That contract makes Kerrigan the third highest paid OLB in the NFL behind only Justin Houston and Clay Matthews.  The deal will take Ryan Kerrigan through his age 32 season (2020).  Now it's all eyes on Trent Williams...