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Redskins Starting Quarterback Situation vs. the League

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The optimism entering the 2012 season, is that the Redskins would finally break out of the quarterback conundrum that has plagued the team for two decades. Washington traded up to number two overall in the draft to select Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III, and his magical rookie season gave fans hope for a very bright future in the Nation's Capital.

Fast forward three years......

The Redskins are now entering year four of the Robert Griffin era, and frankly, things haven't changed much. That one magical year Griffin had is now a thing of the past, and it appears, at least on paper, that the Redskins are again sitting at the bottom of the league in quarterback rankings.

Below are my rankings of the NFL's starting quarterbacks heading into the 2015 season:

1) Aaron Rodgers(Packers): Rodgers sits atop the heap for me. He's on his way to a Hall of Fame career.

2) Tom Brady(Patriots): Tom Brady is like a great wine; he keeps getting better with age.

3) Andrew Luck(Colts): What Luck has done in just three years is nothing short of amazing. He's only going to get better.

4) Drew Brees(Saints): Brees had a down year for his standards in 2014. He still remains one of the game's best.

5) Ben Roethlisberger(Steelers): Big Ben has taken his game to a new level in Pittsburgh's new pass-friendly offense.

6) Peyton Manning(Broncos): Manning is not the same QB he once was, but he's still a top 5 player at his position.

7) Matt Ryan(Falcons): With healthy playmakers and an improved offensive line, Ryan is in for a big season.

8) Cam Newton(Panthers): Newton is a leader with an exceptional skill set. His game should continue to get better.

9) Philip Rivers(Chargers): Rivers may be one of the most fierce competitors in the NFL, and It shows on game days.

10) Matthew Stafford(Lions): Stafford has all the tools. Year two in a new offensive should bring better numbers.

11) Russell Wilson(Seahawks): Wilson's numbers aren't eye-popping, but his results are. He does nothing but win.

12) Andy Dalton(Bengals): Dalton has been a winner since he entered the league.

13) Joe Flacco(Ravens): Flacco's game has always been solid. He'll look to guide his team to the playoffs again in 2015.

14) Tony Romo(Cowboys): Romo is a great competitor who benefits from a great supporting cast on offense.

15) Eli Manning(Giants): The presence of Beckham Jr. could make Manning lethal.

16) Jay Cutler(Bears): Cutler is coming off a poor season, but the gunslinger has the talent to be a top quarterback.

17) Ryan Tannehill(Dolphins): Tannehill has improved each season in the NFL. He'll look to make another jump in 2015.

18) Carson Palmer(Cardinals): Injuries have kept Palmer down the last few seasons. He's looking for a big 2015.

19) Nick Foles(Rams): A change of scenery will be a challenge for Foles, but his defense will keep him in games.

20) Sam Bradford(Eagles): If Bradford can just stay healthy, he could do great things with Chip Kelly in Philly.

21) Alex Smith(Chiefs): Alex is more of a game-manager, but he does have the skills to lead.

22) Colin Kaepernick(49ers): Kaepernick has hit some rough patches as a pure QB in the NFL. He needs a big year

23) Robert Griffin(Redskins): 2015 is a make-or-break season for Griffin. Can he stay healthy?

24) Blake Bortles(Jaguars): Bortles has a ton of talent. An improved team should help him greatly.

25) Derek Carr(Raiders): Carr has great tools and leadership. Some new weapons in Oakland should help him greatly.

26) Teddy Bridgewater(Vikings): Will Bridgewater be able to take the next step in 2015?

27) Matt Cassell(Bills): Manuel has been a disappointment in Buffalo. In steps Cassell who may or may not be better.

28) Ryan Mallett(Texans): Bill O'Brien had Mallet in New England. Can he turn him into a quality starter?

29) Josh McCown(Cleveland): McCown will try to lead the Browns out of the basement in 2015.

30) Geno Smith(Jets): Smith is not the answer in New York, but no one on the current roster is either.

31) Jamis Winston(Bucs): Can't rank the rookies until we see how they actually play. Could be a tough season in Tampa.

32) Marcus Mariota(Titans): Mariota will struggle on a team void of talent.

So I have Griffin at 23. From a pure talent perspective, I believe he's higher. If he can put together a good season, I believe he can take a big jump up this list.