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Saturday Slop: Mailbag and more

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Redskins mailbag: Jay Gruden needs to remain committed to the ground game | ESPN Redskins Blog

Keim: I think they realize it's their best way to win so, because of that, yes I do. That's not just because of Griffin, it's because of where all the quarterbacks are at in terms of ability. But I know the knock on Gruden has been getting away from the run too quickly -- and the Redskins do have good weapons in the passing game. So you must keep your fingers crossed here. But if they want to help Griffin -- and the team -- then they must commit to running the ball. Maybe having line coach Bill Callahan around will help in this regard. Also, it's easier to commit to the run if it's having success; that was not the case last season, at least in most cases.

Trey Williams footwork could earn him a spot on the Redskins | ESPN Redskins Blog

The big shocker, even for me, was including running back Trey Williams. He's undrafted and we've never seen him in pads against NFL competition. But he's talented and has excellent feet, as you could see during drills in the spring. And I know the Redskins like him. It's a leap of faith to include him at this point. Keeping him meant leaving off Chris Thompson, whom the coaches liked entering camp last season. Durability, of course, has been an issue.

After Alfred Morris, Redskins running backs are inexperienced but intriguing | ESPN Redskins Blog

It's impossible to know at this point how much work Jones will receive. They drafted him in the third round for a reason, but that doesn't guarantee anything. Jones has terrific size, but he was not a special runner in college. He did have some games where he was fantastic and others where he had little impact. Perhaps that's why I heard very split opinions on him after the draft: Some teams didn't like him at all; the Redskins clearly did. But after watching him in college I think he can help on third downs. The question then becomes: Will he just be Roy Helu 2.0 or someone who gets a chance for more than a handful of carries per game?

Need to know: How many players are locks to make the 53 man roster? | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins have the league maximum 90 players on their roster and a lot of what goes on between now and the start of the season will be about finding out who will be on the final 53-man roster. There is plenty of talk from Jay Gruden and Scot McCloughan about competition. But how much competition is there really? How many of those coveted 53 jobs are already locked up and how many are up for grabs? As OTA's start next week let's take a look with the caveat that injuries and a truly surprising performance could change the picture for a few players.

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