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Redskins Worst Unit(s)

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Over the last five years we have seen some atrocious play from our team. There is plenty of finger pointing to go around, and it could be very hard to single out one specific unit for all the woes we have had. Still, the blame game exists, and we here at HogsHaven like to play too!

Below are some units that may have heavily contributed to the massive failures that have been our Redskins of recent:

Offensive Line: There is no hiding the fact the Redskins offensive line has been one of the worst units in the league over the last five seasons. The undersized, aging group has struggled to keep our quarterbacks upright, and even when we produced a quality rushing attack, it was largely attributed to deception(the threat of the read option). Left tackle has been the only solid piece we have had. Hopefully this season, with the changes Scot McCloughan has made, the future of the offensive line will begin to look a lot brighter.

Quarterback: Redskins fans finally thought we had found the answer at the quarterback position after what seemed an eternity of poor quarterback play, when Robert Griffin was selected second overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. Griffin went on to have a record setting rookie season, and was selected to the Pro Bowl and named offensive rookie of the year. Injuries, coaching turnover and inconsistent play have plagued the young signal caller. His backups have not fared any better.

Tight Ends: Our situation at tight end was supposed to be solved when we finally moved on from Chris Cooley and Fred Davis, in favor of a young, more athletic "Joker-type" tight end in youngster Jordan Reed. Reed however hasn't been able to stay on the field, and his contributions to the team have been minimal. Logan Paulsen, who is supposed to be a blocking specialist, hasn't been so special at blocking. This year, the team may look to veteran converted wide receiver Niles Paul to provide some stability at the position. Still, the future remains cloudy.

Defensive Line: Some of the responsibilities of defensive linemen is to get pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Our unit has struggled in this area over the past five seasons. Aging, oft-injured vets have been the recent staple of Jim Haslett's defense, but that, combined with his two-gap 3-4 defense, which was designed to eat up blockers, has not produced favorable results. Gone is Haslett, and with his departure, and some key new additions, the unit seems to be looking up.

Secondary: The Redskins secondary has been a complete mess for years. Some will point to the lack of a true free safety, while others will point to youth and inconsistency at corner. Coaching and scheme could also have played into the units struggles.

Special Teams: Our team's special teams unit has been anything but special. Our coverage units have given up multiple big plays, our punters(until last season), have ranked among the league's worst, and our kicking has been inconsistent at best.

Coaching Staff: I don't know if you can consider this a "unit", but I thought it fitting to add them to this article. We have seen staff turnover, poor play calling, communication problems, and media explosions. A true GM was a massive step forward in establishing some order, and hopefully we can become more competent moving forward.

Which unit has been the most disappointing over the recent past? Tell us why in the comments section.