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Washington Redskins Player Profiles: Terrance Plummer

The Redskins drafted an ILB to bolster STs and add youth and potential to the group. Let's not forget that they got a nice UDFA to do the same.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Inside Linebacker

Height: 6'0", Weight: ~227 lbs.

College: University of Central Florida

Drafted: Undrafted (2015)

The Redskins' roster is loaded with ILBs.  Keenan Robinson is a stud, Perry Riley is an average starter, Adam Hayward is a STs ace, and Will Compton is an ideal reserve who can start in a pinch.  Then they went out and drafted Martrell Spaight.  Can UDFA Terrance Plummer play his way into a spot... even on the PS?

#1. Over his last three years at UCF, Terrance amassed 317 tackles!  During his senior season, he also had 4 sacks, 2 FRs, 2 FFs, 1 INT, and 6 pass breakups.  He's an excellent tackler who's proven to be very durable.  He played 13+ games in each of his last three years at UCF and recorded 99+ tackles each season.

#2. Where Terrance stands out in production and durability, he lacks in athleticism.  At his pro day, he ran a 4.9 40-yard dash.  That's not good.  Luke Kuechly and Bobby Wagner both ran sub 4.6.  However, there have been similarly slow ILBs who have found success at the NFL level.  James Laurinaitis posted a 4.88 but hasn't missed a game over his first six seasons and has 109+ tackles each year.  Plummer seems to have a little London Fletcher in him.

#3. Since leaving college, Terrance has been working hard on his body to get quicker and improve his chances of sticking in the league.  He enrolled in Tom Shaw's Performance Training Center and has since dropped 5% of his body fat and shed 14 lbs.  He's leaner and quicker and hoping to improve in pass coverage.  Why work so hard on getting quicker and improving in the pass game?  Because Terrance is already a stud vs the run.  And he's clearly dedicated.



"Terrance Plummer, who is an overachieving middle linebacker, very productive, always around the ball, never on the ground. Interesting guy as a late round pick. I think Plummer all over the field in a number of games this year. The Missouri game was a game you look back at he looked like he could be a third or fourth round pick. But I think in the late rounds, Plummer would make a lot of sense. If he's not drafted, he could be a real steal at that point."

- Mel Kiper, Jr.