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Washington Redskins Player Profiles: Alonzo Highsmith, Jr.

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From an impressive football family, can the junior Highsmith make a name for himself?

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Linebacker

Height: 6'1", Weight: 233 lbs.

College: Arkansas

Drafted: Undrafted (2013)

#1. Alonzo's father, Alonzo Highsmith, Sr., is a scout for the Green Bay Packers.  If you follow this site (or the Redskins in general) closely, then you know that new Redskins GM Scot McCloughan wanted to hire Highsmith away from the Packers upon his arrival here.  That didn't happen, but it says something about junior's father's scouting ability that he's worked for one of the best franchises in the NFL for a while and has a man like McCloughan trying to convince him to switch teams.

Alonzo's father also was a RB in the NFL from '87-'92.  He played for the Oilers, Cowboys, and Bucs after being drafted #3 overall in the '87 draft.  Alonzo's father was also a professional boxer.

Junior's grandfather, Walter Highsmith, also played in the NFL as an Oiler in 1972.  Walter was also a successful coach at the collegiate level and in the CFL.

The family football connection goes even deeper than that, though.  Two of Alonzo's brothers played football in college.  Brandon Thermilus played RB at the University of Buffalo while A.J. Highsmith played DB at the University of Miami.  Even Alonzo's second cousin played for the Arizona Cardinals...  They love football in that family and are damn good at it.

#2.'s Draft Profile for Alonzo says his NFL comparison is none other than our very own Perry Riley.

#3. Alonzo and his brother A.J. both technically have the same name: Alonzo Highsmith, Jr.  The Washington Redskins' Highsmith often goes by the nickname "Jack."


#5. Alonzo missed most of his senior season at Arkansas with a foot injury.  He played in the first six games and was the team's leading tackler at the time of his injury.  That could qualify as two top Arkansas tacklers on the Redskins with Martrell Spaight on board, too.

Bottom Line: Jack is young and has the pedigree of a great football family.  Will he distinguish himself in time for the next family reunion?  Time will tell.