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Fixing a Stat for 2015: Third down conversions

Converting on third down is the key to keeping a drive alive and the Washington Redskins didn't do a great job of that in 2014.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

The next stat that needs fixing in 2015 for the Washington Redskins is third down conversions. No matter whether it's third and short or third and long, teams must convert on third down in order to keep the drive alive and have one more opportunity to score. If a team is unable to convert on third down, drives are stalled, rhythm is thrown off and the opposing offense has more opportunities to score and gain momentum.

How bad were the Redskins in that category last season?

They were tied for second worst in the league with the Jacksonville Jaguars at 32 percent. The Redskins converted 62 of their 197 third down attempts which will not get the job done for any offense. The highest third down stats were recorded by the New Orleans Saints: 98-of-203 (48 percent). That's an area where the the Redskins need to be in 2015.

Improving on third down efficiency is essential to making Robert Griffin, Alfred Morris, DeSean Jackson's and the crew's job much easier. That way the offense would be more productive, sustain drives and they could potentially win more games in 2015.

With their third down conversion numbers being so low, surprisingly enough, they  were ranked 17th in first downs per game with 19.9. That number isn't bad but it definitely needs to be better. It could be be improved by the Redskins running the ball consistently.

They have had a fairly consistent running game since both Robert Griffin and Alfred Morris joined the team in 2012. With the addition of former Florida Gator Matt Jones, the Redskins should have a formidable rushing attack to help get them those extra yards on third and short. Not only can an improved rushing attack help on third and short plays, but if the running game is more consistent on 1st and 2nd down, it should help the overall 3rd down success rate by keeping the Redskins in more manageable situations.

The moves this team has made on the offensive side off the ball is a good sign that things will be better than they were in 2015. Let's hope the preseason shows the fans what they're looking for.