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Most Under-Appreciated Redskin

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Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is full of players who do the dirty work and get little recognition for their efforts. Many times, members of the offensive line, defensive front, and special teams fall into this category.

For the Redskins, picking out these players may be a bit more difficult. As of recent, our offensive line hasn't been too great, our defensive line hasn't been very good, and our special teams haven't  been so special.

Here are a few players who may qualify for this distinction:

Darrel Young - Young doesn't get a ton of offensive snaps, but when he does, he makes them count. He is an excellent blocker, solid receiver, and is tough to stop down by the goal line. Young also makes his presence felt on special teams, in the locker room, and within the community. He's quite the well-rounded player.

Niles Paul - Paul never caught on as a wide receiver, so Mike Shanahan decided to move him to tight end. He made his presence felt last year when Jordan Reed was hurt(yet again), and did a nice job in his absence. This offseason, Paul has bulked up in an effort to improve his blocking ability. He remains one of the best special teams players in the league, and he is a positive presence off the field as well.

Tres Way - Punters never get much recognition, but on this team, Way is "way" deserving of some. Way led the league in gross punting average at 47.5 yards per punt. He may have been snubbed for the Pro Bowl, but that does not diminish his value to the Redskins, who have had issues at punter for what seems like decades. At just 25 years of age, Way's best years are ahead of him.

Alfred Morris - I don't think Morris is under-appreciated as much by Redskins fans as he is by the league in general. It's hard to say a guy who has made the Pro Bowl in two out of the three years he's been in the league is under-appreciated, but when people talk about the best running backs in the NFL today, Morris' name is not mentioned. Morris has over-exceeded expectations of a sixth round draft pick in every facet imaginable. He is just as good on the field as he is a roll model in the community.

Name me your most under-appreciated Redskin, and tell us why you feel he is deserving of a nomination in the comments section.