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The Rundown S1:E22 -- Worst Draft Picks of All Time

In this week's episode, Poho and Petey discuss the worst draft picks of all time--regardless of sport. Our friend Chris Johnson joins them to talk about the Nats and Poho gets upset about Dan Snyder...again.

This week, the boys at The Rundown talk with the MASN Nationals beat reporter Chris Johnson about D.C.'s favorite sons this summer. Poho works himself into a frenzy about Dan Snyder...again. The discussion leads to a debate about worst the draft picks ever made regardless of sport. I wonder if any current players in burgundy and gold are in the discussion...or if that player CAUSED the discussion?

The Iron Sheik continues to tweet and there is never a shortage of candidates for Jackass of the Week. As always, we respectfully refrain from voting for ourselves, no matter how much we deserve it. It just wouldn't be right.

Happy listening!