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Redskins Could Still Make an Appearance on 'Hard Knocks'

The Saints dropped out of joint practices due to the HBO series, and the Redskins are reportedly in the mix to replace them

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It looked like the Redskins would not be having joint practices with another team this year, but that could be changing due to HBO's 'Hard Knocks'.  The Redskins were rumored to be one of the teams that the show's producers wanted to be featured on the show this season, with plenty of storylines always available in Washington.  The Houston Texans were offered the show, and that put an end to the story.

The New Orleans Saints had joint practices scheduled with the Texans this season, but after the news broke that Houston would have cameras following them all offseason, they backed out.  The Saints will now practice with the team that joined the Redskins in Richmond last year, the New England Patriots.

"Really, the decision was more about getting back into a schedule here (New Orleans) and then certainly recognizing the fact that they are going to be featured on ‘Hard Knocks,' but it was really about our team and what is best for us," Payton said via the Houston Chronicle.

ESPN's Tania Ganguli reported today that the team that could replace the Saints is the Washington Redskins.  The deal is not finalized yet, and it has been reported that Dan Snyder wants no part of being on 'Hard Knocks'.  If the Redskins are not the featured team will that change things?  The Redskins do not play the Texans this year, but did play them in Week 1 last season.  Washinton will reportedly host the Texans in Richmond if the teams agree to the joint practices.  J.J. Watt, Jadeveon Clowney, Bill O'Brien and the HBO camera crews are waiting could be waiting for the Redskins in Richmond this summer.

Redskins coach Jay Gruden was part of "Hard Knocks" in 2013 as offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals. He said after joining the Redskins that he felt the crew was professional and unobtrusive, but added that he'd prefer not to host the show in Washington because of the potential distraction factor.

[UPDATE: 2:00 pm 6/7/15] We have dates for the joint practices.