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The Rundown S1:E21 -- Poho Strikes Back!

The Rundown is back this week in all its Iron Sheiky glory.

I often wonder how many folks give these podcasts a listen, because I know how valuable everyone's time is (everyone except for ih8...that guy can afford to listen to five of these a day). Even though I understand that the content of these shows moves into and out of Redskins topics, for the most part, these podcasts offer a DC sports perspective on stories we are all already talking about. The added benefit of shows like this is that you get to hear people who know each other pretty well beat each other up about the same crap you get into it with your own friends.

Poho and Petey Mac offer up yet another example of why it is worth putting The Rundown on in your basement as you are watching the game of the night.

Sheik Tweet of the Week? Check.

Jackass of the Week? Check.

Comment from Scarlet Epiderm? We shall see!

Happy listening.