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Hogs Haven Votes Kirk Cousins Top Backup in June

When asked who the top backup on the roster is today (in early June...I know), Hogs Haven readers voted for Kirk Cousins.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

In our Sixpack of the Mondays, I threw out some very raw topics so we can start to see where we are at, you know as a group. (Count Tyrone Rugen would say I threw out a handful of questions.)

As promised, I will do my best to gather some data points from these kinds of posts and throw them up for further discussion. For the purpose of today's round-up, I asked the following question:

Which player is our BEST second-line player RIGHT NOW -- in your opinion? (This means you can kind of imagine your own depth chart and name your top second-stringer.)

Readers responded--in force--with four guys: Bashaud Breeland, Chris Baker, Preston Smith and Kirk Cousins. As much as I do love Chris Baker, I was both shocked and pumped to see him garner so much love. Still, the faithful in Washington, DC continues to rally around Captain Kirk. Even after games in 2014 where he seemed to be playing catch with the defense, people cling to the notion that our team is not exactly doomed if Cousins--as the backup--enters the game.

It is fair to say that the quarterback battle is still to come, and roster depth at this crucial position has yet to fully shake out, but all signs do point to Cousins caddying for Griffin.

I was also a bit shocked that so many people believe Breeland to be a second-line player. I guess it stems from the combination of Chris Culliver's presence and the belief that DeAngelo Hall will return healthy and hungry enough to win the starting job opposite the former 49er. If Breeland is truly a backup in September, I would have a hard time not voting his way.

As for Preston Smith, I am super impressed with the Hogs Haven faithful for elevating him to this status. I haven't even begun my campaign for this kid, and trust me when I say, "It's coming." I think he is going to be a big-time performer, sooner rather than later. It remains to be seen if he can overtake Trent Murphy--or even if that is the relevant battle--but based on this response, I fully expect to be seeing Smith jerseys early and often this season.

For now...all hail Captain Kirk!