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Sunday Slop: Grading the Redskins TE's

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Mailbag: Will Jay Gruden be patient with the run game? | ESPN Redskins Blog

We shall see. That's been a knock on him as a playcaller so I really can't say for sure that he will have the patience. My sense is that they know this is how they must win. The quarterback play does not warrant thinking any other way - that's not just about Griffin, but all of them. They all make enough mistakes that the run game must be the way to go in creating an identity. Gruden knows this.

Rating the Redskins: Tight End | CSN Washington

Like many position groups on the Redskins, this one should be better than it is. And that's got everything to do with the unfulfilled potential that Reed possesses. He's got all the physical tools to become one of the NFL's premier pass catching tight ends. Hands. Athleticism. A wide catch radius. But, unfortunately for Reed and Redskins, the third-year player can't stay on the field. In fact, he's missed 12 games in two NFL seasons due to a variety of injuries ranging from pulled hamstrings to severe concussions. If Reed, who is sidelined this offseason after undergoing a minor knee procedure, manages to put together a full 16-game season, he could be a Pro Bowler.

Need to Know: Redskins week includes honors for 2 players | CSN Washington

Jackson, Williams among NFL's top 100 players—The wide receiver was No. 50 on the ranking, voted on by NFL players. Williams made his third straight appearance on the list. He was No. 99 in 2013, No. 69 last year and his ranking improved again to No. 47. Ryan Kerrigan was revealed at No. 78 a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to see any other Redskins players making the list.

Redskins could get return help from new important source | CSN Washington

Breeland emerged as a strong defender for the 'Skins last season, and has been working with the starting defense so far this offseason. Breeland only returned simulated kicks in practice after Roberts and Rashad Ross, and yet the corner was excited by the prospect.