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Would the Redskins be Better With Andrew Luck?

Thomas J. Russo-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Luck has transformed the Colts into a championship contender. The man who talks like he has a dozen marbles in his mouth has taken the league's worst team in 2011, and made them into one of the AFC's best, and he's done so without the greatest supporting staff on offense, or a defense that's physically intimidating to opponents.

To say Luck as done quite a bit with less-than-stellar weapons around him would be an understatement. His offensive line is a tick above average, and even that may be generous. His running game is barely a factor, even after trading for former first round pick Trent Richardson. His receivers are small, even in comparison to the Redskins, and much like the team in D.C., his tight ends, although talented, can't seem to stay healthy.

So so what is the magic formula? What's the secret to his success?

Luck comes from good bloodlines. His father Oliver was a star quarterback at WVU. He was drafted in the second round of the 1982 draft by the Houston Oilers, where he played for five years. Oliver always had his son around sports, and you can see his knowledge of the game rubbed off on Andrew.

Andrew Luck has all the intangibles. He is a big, strong, athletic kid who teammates view as a natural leader. There is really not a weakness to his game. He is a traditional drop-back passer who has a strong arm, excellent accuracy, deceptive mobility, and a desire to become great.

Combine the above, and it's easy to see why Luck as been so successful this early in his NFL career?

But what if Andrew Luck was a Redskin? Say that Bruce Allen somehow managed to lure the top pick away from Indy, and drafted Andrew Luck first overall in the 2012 NFL Draft? The Colts could have been left with Griffin or Tannehill, and the Redskins would have Andrew Luck.

So, my question to you is, would the Redskins have been better with Andrew Luck? Would we have had the type of success over the last few years that the Colts have enjoyed? Would Luck be putting up similar numbers in Washington?

The Redskins were not in that much better shape than the Colts in 2012. Mike Shanahan was the coach, and he had similar quarterbacks in the past like Elway and Cutler. Would Luck have been able to thrive in Shanahan's system as a pure passer? The Redskins have Pierre Garcon, formerly of the Colts. Could Garcon have been a good security blanket for the young passer? The Redskins also have Alford Morris, who is far better than what Luck has had in Indy. Would Morris' presence have taken some of the pressure off Luck to carry the team? And then there is the issue with our offensive line. Would Williams, Licht, Montgomery, Chester and whoever was playing right tackle, been able to keep Luck upright?

Injury aside(and I know this is hard to project), would Luck have had more success during his rookie season than Griffin did?

How do you feel our team outlook would have been with Andrew Luck as the quarterback instead of Robert Griffin? Would Luck be the same player he is now if he was a Redskin?