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Saturday Slop: Mailbag and other OTA thoughts

A look at the top Redskins stories of the day.

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Mailbag Part 1 | ESPN Redskins Blog

I think that's where they wanted to go anyway, even had Chris Foerster returned (it does not seem they were going to get rid of him so they could move in this direction; this move just sort of happened). But, that said, Callahan can have a big impact in the run game, of which he'll have a big say. I think what also will help is if right tackle Brandon Scherff and right guard Spencer Long play well. I think Gruden also realized, based on many things I've heard, that the Redskins don't have the quarterbacks to sustain a more pass-heavy attack and therefore must pound the ball to be effective.

The numbers don't lie: Field Position crucial to Redskins improvement

The Redskins ranked 31st in the NFL in average starting field position, with 74.9 yards to the goal line. Only Oakland finished worse. Yes, this stat makes a tremendous difference. Look at the top 13 teams in this statistic: None of them finished with a losing record and only Miami (first in the NFL) was at .500. Nine of them made the postseason. To crack that top 13, the Redskins would need to shave 3.5 yards off that average. It doesn't seem like a lot, but it clearly makes a difference.

Redskins SS Duke Ihenacho back in a familiar spot | ESPN Redskins Blog

Johnson and Ihenacho have rotated with the starters throughout the spring workouts. During the one-day-a-week portions open to the media, Ihenacho has worked with the starters. Johnson has also worked at free safety, though it's hard to imagine anyone but Dashon Goldson starting at that spot. The Redskins like the swagger he brings to the position.

Need to know: What Redskins could be surprise contributors | CSN Washington

I'll throw one more name out among players who were on the roster last year. I'm hearing that the coaches would like for Chris Thompson to emerge as the third-down back. If he can defy his history and stay healthy he has a very good shot at the role and could be a key player on offense.

Rating the Redskins wide receivers | CSN Washington

Tandler: I think that the potential is there for this to be a very good group of wide receivers, perhaps among the top half dozen or so in the league. But I need to see it before I can give the unit a strong rating. Jackson is one of several players in the league who are a legitimate threat to score at any time from anywhere on the field. Garçon is not as likely to make a big play but he is the reliable target that a team with a shaky quarterback situation needs. But the rest of the group consists of question marks running around in burgundy and gold.