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Washington Redskins Player Profiles: Arie Kouandjio

Arie is a big dude with big expectations from the team and himself.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Position: Guard

Height: 6'5", Weight: 315 lbs

College: Alabama

Drafted: 4th Round, 112th overall

Arie was drafted from a program known for producing big, beefy lineman. He could be just what the Redskins need. He's a local boy if you subtract his time in Africa. Let's get to know Arie Kouandjio.

#1. Arie was born in Cameroon. His family emigrated to the US when he was around seven years old. When he was considering colleges, he noticed that Alabama head coach Nick Saban reminded him of his father. On Redskins Nation, Arie said, "I wanted to learn under coach Nick Saban how to be a man and felt there were a lot of parallels between him and the way my father was -- kind of stern. I loved that. Growing up I found out that even though my father was stern and rigid all the time, when I grew up and saw what all the guys around me were doing and stuff like that, I really started appreciating that."

#2. Arie's younger brother, Cyrus, was drafted by the Buffalo Bills a year before him. Cyrus also played at Alabama.

#3. Many in the Kouandjio household have been Redskin fans for many years. The family moved from Cameroon to Hyattsville, MD, home of FedEx Field. Arie graduated from DeMatha Catholic High School before heading down to Tuscaloosa.

#4. Kouandjio earned his Bachelor's degree in finance while at Alabama. He began work on a Master's degree in Economics in his Senior year. In case a career in the NFL doesn't pan out, he wants to be prepared. His long-term goal is to help third-world countries address their economic issues.

#5. In his last two years at Alabama, Arie did not give up a single sack.  Not one. None. Zero. Roll Tide, Washington!

Bottom Line: Arie has a bright future in Washington, if he can avoid injuring his already surgically repaired knees. Alabama has primed him. Now Washington needs to polish him.