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Redskins 2016 Mock Draft - 3 Rounds

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A way-too-early look at some potential draft picks for the Redskins in 2016.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

I think the Washington Redskins will be a much better football team this season. Having said that, I don't believe our record will show the immediate improvement we are all hoping for. I believe we are still a year or two away from competing for a division championship.

With my Burgundy colored glasses off, I see this team going 7-9. Like I said above, I think we will make great improvements from the last two seasons, and I expect towards the second half of our schedule, we start to see the team begin to turn the corner, but I think the playoffs are at least a year away.

Having said this, I'd like to take a way-too-early look at some targets in the 2016 draft, and give a 3 round mock draft based on selecting near the middle of the pack next year. For your enjoyment, I have given you two first round picks to choose from!

Round 1(Pick 14): Tyler Boyd - WR(Pitt) 6'2" 190 - Boyd is a dynamic playmaker for a team with so few. He's the obvious go-to guy in Pitt's passing attack, and opposing teams know this, yet they can still not stop him. He has had 85 receptions for 1178 yards and 7 touchdowns as a true freshmen, and caught 78 passes for 1261 yards and 8 touchdowns last season. Both Garcon and Jackson will turn 29 years old during the season. It's time to infuse some youth into our wide receiving corps.


Round 1(pick 14):  Jalen Ramsey - FS(FSU) 6'1" 205 - I have Ramsey as the second best safety in a pretty talented class 2016 draft class. He has an excellent combination of speed, size and instincts, and should be an immediate starter in the NFL.

Round 2:  Hassan Ridgeway - DT(Texas) 6'4" 307 - Ridgeway was often overshadowed last season by fellow Longhorn Malcolm Brown, but every time I watched film on Brown, Ridgeway was making plays as well. He can line up all over the defense, and shows very active hands. Another year in college should make him even better.

Round 3:  Jake Brendel - C(UCLA) 6'4" 295 - Brendel is a tough, technically refined player, who has excelled both on the field and in the classroom. He's the unquestioned leader of UCLA's line, and was a team captain as a junior(a title he'll likely hold again this season). He could stand to add some extra weight, and he certainly has the frame to do so without losing any quickness.