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Redskins Right Outside Linebacker - Murphy or Smith?

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Who will become the better OLB for the Redskins?

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

The Redskins have made a habit of selecting pass rushing outside linebackers with high draft picks over the last six years. Since 2009, we have used our top pick in the draft on an outside linebacker three times. We are like the Matt Millen run Lions, except instead of going wide receiver over, and over again, we go for a pass rush specialist.

So, it was no big surprise to anyone when again our beloved team selected yet another pass rush outside linebacker in the second round of the 2015 NFL draft. This marks back-to-back seasons where we have used our second round pick on the same position.

The question I would like to ask of our readers is who do you believe will be the better prospect between our two most recent second round outside linebackers: Trent Murphy or Preston Smith?

Now obviously this is a tough question to answer, since no one has seen Smith play a down of football in the NFL yet, but going simply on projection from the college game to the pros, who do you believe will get the most snaps at ROLB this season, and who projects to have the best career at the position for the long term?

Here are some measurables and college stats from each player:

Trent Murphy:

Played 4 years at Stanford(3 year starter)

Drafted 2nd Round - Pick 47

- 160 Tackles

- 52.5 TFL

- 32.5 Sacks(15 as a senior)

- 2 INT

- 3 FF

- 12 PD

- 2 TD

Height - 6'5"

Weight - 260 lbs(current)

40 - 4.86

Bench - 19

Vert - 35.5

Broad - 9-8

3-cone - 6.78

Shuttle - 4.20

*Murphy is said to have a high football IQ, is tough as nails, and has a non-stop motor.

Preston Smith:

Played 4 years at Miss. St.(3 year starter)

Drafted 2nd Round - Pick 38

- 134 Tackles

- 27 TFL

- 16 Sacks(9 sacks as a senior)

- 2 INT

- 5 FF

- 7 PD

- 1 TD

Height - 6'5"

Weight - 265 lbs

40 - 4.74

Bench - 24

Vert - 34

Broad - 10-0

3-Cone - 7.07

Shuttle - 4.28

*Smith is big, strong, nasty and is said to have exceptional hands.

Let's get some discussion as to who you think is better, and why.