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Redskins Officially Add 11 UDFAs; Two More Will Be Announced Soon

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The Redskins add 11(+2 more) undrafted free agents

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Redskins GM Scot McCloughan said they planned on bringing in around 13 UDFAs.  Today the Redskins announced the signing of 11 players, with 2 more that will reportedly be signed tomorrow.  The Redskins released 13 playersearlier this week to make room for the new signings.  We've been tracking the reported UDFA signings since the draft ended, and all the names announced today, can be found here.  We already reported on the signing of Washington St. QB Connor Halliday and Texas A&M RB Trey Williams this week.

UDFA's Signed Today:

Ty Long, K, UAB (6'1", 206 lbs)

Devin Mahina, TE, BYU (6'6", 250 lbs)

Corey Crawford, DE, Clemson (6'5", 299 lbs)

Brey Cook, OT, Arkansas (6'5", 303 lbs)

Reggie Bell, WR, San Diego (5'11", 201 lbs)

Tyler Rutenbeck, WR, Dubuque (6'2", 186 lbs)

Tony Jones, WR, Northwestern (5'11", 201 lbs)

Connor Halliday, QB, Washington St. (6'3", 204 lbs)

Terrance Plummer, ILB ,UCF (5'11", 231 lbs)

Dyshawn Davis, ILB, Syracuse (6'2", 227 lbs)

Trey Williams, RB, Texas A&M (5'7", 195 lbs)

Signings Expected to be Announced:

Takoby Cofield, OT, Duke (6'4", 310 lbs) ($25k signing bonus reported)