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2015 NFL Draft: Redskins Sign 7th Round C Austin Reiter to 3 Year Deal

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The first player from the Redskins 2015 draft class is under contract

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins have reportedly signed South Florida center Austin Reiter to a 3 year deal, with a $75,000 signing bonus(approx.).  Reiter(6'3", 300 lbs) was the Redskins final pick in this year's draft, taken in the 7th round with the 222nd overall pick.  He is a long shot to make the roster, but already has an impressive amount of support for the 2015 Mason/Brennan Hype! Awards.  It could be the perfect storm for Reiter to win the award multiple times this year with an incumbent veteran and backup at his position that many fans would like to see replaced, an athletic, strong player, and the allure of Scot McCloughan finding late round gems.

With the new CBA in place, most of the drama has been taken out of rookie contract signings, and they are now done quickly, especially in the later rounds.  More signings should be announced for the Redskins 10-player draft class soon, but for now, Austin Reiter is the only reported player.  We are also waiting for the team to announce the full list of UDFAs they plan on signing, with CSN Washington reporting 5 names this morning.