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Redskins Announce Rookie Uniform Numbers

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The 10 rookies from the 2015 draft class have their new numbers

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Redskins drafted 10 players this year, and that's a lot of new jersey numbers.  Two days ago, the team did a little bottom of the roster house cleaning to make room for the rookies and the group of UDFAs that are expected to be signed.  The big name is the Redskins first 1st round pick since 2012, OT Brandon Scherff who will wear #75, which was last worn by Mike McGlynn last year.  The team also noted several uniform number changes for current players.

From the Redskins press release:

Offensive lineman Brandon Scherff: No. 75. Scherff wore No. 68 at Iowa. That's currently being worn by by Tom Compton.

Linebacker Preston Smith: No. 94. Smith wore No. 91 at Mississippi State. That's currently being worn by by Ryan Kerrigan.

Running back Matt Jones: No. 31. Jones wore No. 24 at Florida. That's currently being worn by by Duke Ihenacho (see more below).

Wide receiver Jamison Crowder: No. 80. Crowder wore No. 3 at Duke. Check back later for that offseason number assignment.

Offensive lineman Arie Kouandjio: No. 74. Kouandjio wore No. 77 at Alabama. That's currently being worn by by Shawn Lauvao.

Linebacker Martrell Spaight: No. 50. Spaight wore No. 47 at Arkansas. That's currently being worn by by Akeem Davis.

Defensive back Kyshoen Jarrett: No. 30. Jarrett wore No. 34 at Virginia Tech. That's currently being worn by by Trenton Robinson.

Defensive back Tevin Mitchel: No. 37. Mitchel wore No. 8 at Arkansas. That's currently being worn by by Kirk Cousins (and can't be worn as a defensive back in the NFL, anyway).

Wide receiver Evan Spencer: No. 6, the number he wore at Ohio State. He is only permitted to wear a single-digit number during the preseason, and if he appears in a regular-season game, he will have to switch to a number from 10-19 or 80-89.

Offensive lineman Austin Reiter: No. 62. Reiter wore No. 78 at Southern Florida. That's currently being worn by by Kory Lichtensteiger.

In other notable Redskins uniform news:

Safety Duke Ihenacho has switched from No. 35 to No. 24.

Running back Chris Thompson has switched from No. 37 to No. 25. Defensive back Justin Rogers will also wear No. 25 during the offseason - Thompson will wear the white No. 25, while Rogers will wear the burgundy No. 25.

Offensive lineman Spencer Long has switched from No. 60 to No. 61.