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Redskins 2015 Draft Class Predictions: Jamison Crowder

Hogs Haven projects what Redskins fourth rounder, Jamison Crowder, might do in the NFL.

Mark Dolejs-USA TODAY Sports

When it came time for the Washington Redskins to use the 105th overall pick, they turned towards my hometown (THE DURTY D!!!!) and chose Jamison Crowder, wide receiver from Duke.

Crowder is known for his prowess in the return game. Coincidentally, the Redskins have not had a return game to speak of since around the time Crowder was born.

What will Jamison Crowder become in the NFL? Let's all rub our crystal balls and find out!

Best Case:

This is the best case. We may have just drafted an undersized burner who can help in the return game, and hopefully haunt the dreams of Cowboys fans for years. If we're lucky, Cowboys fans will be worried about two things: Jamison Crowder running one back and figuring out what to do with that LeBron James Heat jersey.

Worst Case:

The worst case scenario is that he's not a Wes Welker-type. Every team needs a Wes Welker-type...even if they don't look like Wes Welker. Hopefully his return skills translate to the NFL immediately, because if not he may not make the final roster with Garcon, Jackson and Roberts ahead of him.

Most Likely Case:

Most likely case is that he gets a lot of reps at punt and kick returner in the preseason. If he does what he did at Duke in preseason, he'll land a spot on the active roster come game day. It's tough seeing Crowder getting a lot of reps early at wide receiver due to the depth there. He might have 10-20 catches on the season, assuming he's active on game days as a returner.

I think he'll be a day one starter at punt returner and kick returner.