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2015 NFL Draft: Scot McCloughan Post-Draft Presser

Scot McCloughan answers questions about the Washington Redskins 2015 Draft

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Ten picks:

Brandon Scherff:

"Like I said he played tackle in college. He played in the Big Ten and started many, many years and had a lot of success. He’s a good enough foot athlete, not just from the athleticism and size. Everybody says, ‘Well, he’s only got 33 and 3/4 [inch] arms.’ That’s fine. The average is 34. OK, so he’s a quarter-inch off. He’s going to succeed because not just with his athleticism, size and toughness, but the instincts for the position. He knows how to play tackle, and that’s why he’s had success in college. You can’t teach instincts. He’ll be fine wherever we put him. He’s one of those guys that can succeed no matter what."

Emphasis on size of players:

Scouting department changes:

Drafting for the team's style with Bill Callahan:

Morgan Moses to guard?:

First Round trade opportunities:

Preston Smith:

Emphasis on SEC players:

"I do a lot of big school guys and SEC guys. That's important to me," he said. "Because they've been in the big games. They've been around 80,000 fans. They've been playing Alabama's and LSU's. It's not too big for them when they come out there."

Building a solid core:

"I’m not worried about just a one-year bang," McCloughan said. "I’m worried about the guy [getting] a second contract and is going to be the core of the Redskins, going forward. And each year we get better and better because of it. When guys walk in here, in this locker room, in this weight room, and they see young guys growing up and getting better, they follow them. And that’s what makes them better."

Trading down with Seattle:

Jamison Crowder:

Undrafted free agent signings:

La'el Collins:

Roster cuts will be announced tonight:

Matt Jones, BPA in the 3rd:

Emphasis on playing 4 years in college:

Scott Campbell: