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Redskins Poll Question: Is Alfred Morris an Elite RB?

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Is Redskins Running Back Alfred Morris Elite? See What Redskins Fans Think Here!

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Since we seem to have so much Tom-foolery, spiked Kool-Aid and overdoses of Latuda going around when it comes to Alfred Morris' value amongst the best of the best running backs in the NFL, I decided to post a poll with one simple question.

Is Alfred Morris an elite running back?

I'm not giving you my, or anyone else's definition of elite - we can discuss that in the comment section. I am not giving you stats to compare him to other backs in the league - you can do your own homework. If you would like, go refer to the discussion in the Point/Counter Point article for guidance if you feel you need some; I assume most of you won't.

All I am asking for is an honest, non-biased opinion. I don't care if he's your uncle. I dont care if he's married to your sister, and comes to every family function you have. I don't care if you picked his name in the family grab bag last Christmas.

A Yes or No are your only choices.

You can justify justify your opinions if you wish in the comment section. I will also be soliciting the help of a few league friends in an attempt to get some poll results for the general football community. I will share those with you as I receive them.