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The Rundown, S1:E17

The Rundown talks with MASN's Nationals beat reporter Chris Johnson about the hot Nats, and covers the Redskins OTA's and the rather exciting NBA Playoffs.

This week, The Rundown talks with our good friend, and MASN Nationals beat reporter, Chris Johnson. Hear what CJ has to say about Stephen Strasburg, Ian Desmond and the rest of the best team in baseball. The Redskins OTA's are also on the docket, along with observations on the extremely solid NBA Playoffs. As always, don't leave without your Sheiky Tweet of the Week.

I am not sure the guys would agree with me 100%, but this show might be their best yet. Poho was at his...Pohoiest. You try being Pete when you have a runaway heartthrob like Poho straight-up bringing it on the mic next to you. It isn't easy, folks. They just make it sound easy.