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Redskins 2015 Draft Class Predictions: Austin Reiter

Hogs Haven projects what Redskins' seventh-rounder Austin Reiter might do in the NFL.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

With the 222nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Redskins selected Austin Reiter, C, South Florida.  Here are my scenarios for the 6'3", 298-lb. C out of South Florida.

Best Case:

Reiter may not be the biggest man to ever play C in the NFL, but he has more than enough strength to succeed in the NFL.  Being one of the two (Tyler Larsen) centers brought in by this staff, bodes well for the young man as he competes with Kory Lichtensteiger.  Kory's 30 years old now and the team needs some more youth and size at the position.  The same things that's McCloughan and Gruden saw in Reiter that led to him getting drafted are the same things that will ensure he makes the final 53.  His toughness and durability are traits that the team has prioritized this off-season.  Over the course of the preseason, the coaching staff quickly sees that Reiter is the best C on the roster.  They've been trying to move on from Licht for a while now and they realize that the rookie presents them with just the opportunity to do that.  Having better size and strength than Licht, yet better overall skill and talent than Larsen, Reiter is named the starting C heading into week one.  He becomes best friends with Trent Williams and Brandon Scherff and begins to train with and mimic them 24/7.  He's so ultra competitive, that he makes sure to beat them in every single possible competition.  Bench press, Reiter does one more than TW.  One-on-ones, if TW and/or Scherff don't get beat, he doesn't get beat.  He simply won't let it happen.  All of a sudden, running on the interior has never been easier.  RGIII has plenty of time and delivers a Pro Bowl season with the young rookie not giving up a single sack.  Bill Callahan retires at the end of the season claiming, "I simply can't do any better than what I've done with young Austin Reiter.  He's the best OL I've ever seen and I know that I have no more knowledge to give.  It's time to walk away."  Reiter becomes the first player/coach in the NFL in quite some time, starting at C and also serving as OL Coach.  Oh yeah, he's voted a team captain by the players, too.  Another reason Reiter makes the 53?  He's able to make Nick Sundberg expendable as Reiter has focused on his long-snapping all off-season.  He frees up another roster spot by taking those duties.  Kai Forbath and Tress Way ask for his autograph after reaching our fifth win of the season... in week five...

Worst Case:

Reiter is buried as a distant third in the C battle and is simply unable to make up ground.  Kory is too experienced and the coaching staff trusts him much more.  Still, they want to develop a young C.  The choice is easy.  They go with Tyler Larsen who has much more desirable size and is further along in his development.  There's a reason Reiter was a seventh-round pick and the coaching staff seems fine with letting such a late pick go.  Having Licht and Larsen in the mix, there's not even any reason to use a PS spot on Reiter, so he's simply sent packing.  Bill Callahan decides to retire claiming, "I've failed as a coach and clearly don't have what it takes anymore."  The Redskins decide to re-hire Chris Foerster by offering him double what he's making now and collectively they decide to go back to the ZBS because of the failed Reiter experiement.  Kory is the starter for the next 10 years (that's right, until he's 40!) because he's soo good at ZBS.  Larsen is cut for being "too big."  Austin Reiter goes back to his first love... pizza delivery.  He becomes a staunch supporter of the Dallas Cowboys and is charged on multiple occasions for stalking Jerry Jones.

Most Likely Case:

Kory is a decent starting C, but he is a little undersized and now on the wrong side of 30.  Reiter has an outside chance of making the roster because of the need for more youth and strength in the center of the line.  I'm going to go ahead and say there's no chance he's a starter this year (barring injury), but if he can prove to be better than Tyler Larsen and perhaps gain some versatility and show that he can adequately backup one of the G spots, he's chances will be even better.  Regardless, he'll be on the PS if he doesn't make the 53.  He's definitely a bubble player that will be fascinating to watch throughout the preseason.  He could make it as the last OL on the roster or be the top player on the PS.  Neither would be surprising.  Regardless, he's not likely to dress during his rookie year and the staff would be thrilled if he's on the roster 2-3 years from now.  Hopefully he can develop and allow the team to get away from Kory Lichtensteiger who is too expensive for his level of play, a little undersized, and on the downside of his prime.  It's an ideal situation for Reiter, really.  Not being asked to do anything this year but learn and develop.  However, a spot at C is quickly opening and it could be available just in time for Reiter to peak and really compete to become a starter in this league.

His leadership qualities as well as incredible durability and strength make him an intriguing potential talent for the future of our OL.  He'll get to learn from the best OL Coach in the world and develop all year.  This will be a guy to keep an eye on throughout camp and the preseason.