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Redskins To Be Featured on 'Hard Knocks'??!?!?!?!?!

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It looks like the Washington Redskins are among the finalists of teams to be featured on Hard Knocks.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Reports today are suggesting that the annual tradition of an NFL team opening its kimono on national television may include YOUR Washington Redskins.

That's right, it appears that NFL Films will be selecting between the Houston Texans, Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins for this year's edition of Hard Knocks. To recap, eligibility for inclusion on this show is:

  • Did not make the playoffs the last two years (CHECK!!!)
  • Were not on the show the last ten years (CHECK)
  • Do not have a first-year coach (CHECK)
Rex Ryan, although a new coach in Buffalo, is not a first year coach in the league. Between Rex and J.J. Watt, I have to guess that Vegas must be installing these two as favorites. Still, the chance to put Robert Griffin III's potentially career-saving effort this summer on national television is also somewhat enticing.

This makes for quite the Friday topic...I think I will vote for 'Yes' on this, with the FULL knowledge that it could be solely responsible for the demise of RG3's career. Mostly, I am hoping that a player or two shows up on film on this show and it causes another team to trade us for that player.

Maybe a guy whose name rhymes with Schmirk Schmousins?

Have at it!