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Redskins 2015 Draft Class Predictions: Evan Spencer

Hogs Haven projects what Redskins' sixth-rounder Evan Spencer might do in the NFL.

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With the 187th pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Redskins selected Evan Spencer, WR, Ohio State.  Here are my scenarios for the 6'2", 207-lb. WR out of Ohio State:

Best Case:

At 6'2", Spencer is tied with Quinten Dunbar as the tallest WRs on the Redskins roster.  That makes Spencer the tallest WR likely to make the final 53.  The Redskins have needed more height at the WR position for a while now and Spencer provides a little bit of that.  He's also the heaviest WR on the roster aside from Pierre Garcon.  So he definitely has size.  With that size comes great potential not only when catching the ball, but also as a blocker.  Spencer's size and ability to block earns him a roster spot easily and allows him to see the field quite a bit as a rookie.  While Crowder's skills mimic and are surpassed by DeSean Jackson this year, Spencer quickly proves that he's competing with only one man... Pierre Garcon.  Spencer shows he has the edge as a blocker and is already the taller target, so Gruden and McVay decide to make Spencer the starter opposite DeSean Jackson by the third preseason game.  Spencer shows out and immediately becomes the best WR on the roster.  This allows Garcon to be traded for a 2016 draft pick before this season even starts.  Spencer becomes the red-zone target the Redskins have so sorely been lacking as well as the best blocker on the team who isn't an OL.  All of a sudden, outside runs to his side are effective.  Screens to his side are one of the most frequently used plays for the Redskins... and with great success.  Wait, is there more?  You bet your ass there is.  Evan Spencer is also voted a STs captain as a rookie and leads the unit in tackles.  He's mature beyond his years and though he's the #1 WR, he's always in on STs simply because he won't be held off the field.  Kotwica and Gruden sit Spencer down during the bye week and explain that he's simply too valuable as the #1 WR and they can't afford to have him in on all STs plays anymore.  Spence (yeah, I'm calling him that now) doesn't say a word.  The very next week for the opening kickoff, Kotwica tries to send some reserve safety (does it matter which?) out in Spencer's place.  Evan goes out onto the field and physically removes the safety from the field of play.  He doesn't miss a snap on offense or STs for the rest of the year.

Worst Case:

Forget about playing WR.  Spencer comes to a team that is simply way too crowded with excellent talent at the position.  Not only can he not beat out the top five WRs on the roster (Jackson, Garcon, Roberts, Crowder, and Grant), Spencer can't hang with guys like Dunbar and Rashad Ross.  He demonstrates why he actually did so little catching in college and simply doesn't have good hands.  McCloughan announces Ike Hilliard is on the hot-seat for not being able to develop his sixth-round pick.  So, Spencer focuses on what he knows best, STs and brown-nosing.  Ben Kotwica is a former military man and he doesn't appreciate brown-nosing one bit.  He bitch-slaps Spencer and breaks his jaw.  The rest of the coaching staff isn't even all that upset about it and Spencer is unceremoniously dropped from the team and replaced by... you guessed it, Jerry Rice, Jr.... again...  His brother Cole is fired by the Redskins and Evan goes on to become an Assistant Special Teams Coach for a peewee team back in his hometown of Vernon Hills, Illinois.  He holds down that position for 30 years.  His retirement party is filled with pizza, ice cream, and a bunch of brats who don't respect him and wonder why the hell they have an Assistant Special Teams Coach, anyway.  Evan's not sure why either and questions his life's purpose.

Most Likely Case:

This roster is deep at WR.  Everyone knows that.  However, Spencer has an excellent shot at making the roster.  He has excellent size and a reputation for being a leader.  He should be able to contribute on STs from day one.  He also has the skills to be the best blocking WR on the roster right out of the gate.  He should make the roster as the sixth WR but I believe he'll actually dress/play more than Ryan Grant due to his STs/leadership ability.  He'll dress and be a very meaningful STs player, though he'll hardly see any snaps at all on offense.  If he works hard on his development as a receiver, he could help allow the team a lot of flexibility at the position moving forward with the top three WRs being paid quite a bit and not getting any younger.  However, this is the perfect situation for Spencer to be in.  He'll make the team and be able to contribute where already stands out most.  His weaknesses are covered perfectly by our already dynamite receiving corps which affords Spencer plenty of development time.  Perhaps he sees meaningful action at WR in a couple years.

Spencer's size, leadership qualities, STs ability, and talent as a blocker make him a unique, dynamic talent with potential in the future with proper development.  He should really benefit from being able to sit behind some great WRs and really learn from them for his first year or two.  He'll be very fun to watch moving forward.