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2015 UDFA Tracker: Washington Redskins Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Keep up to date with all the reported UDFA Redskins signings

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It's time for Scot McCloughan to do some work and bring in the 10-15 UDFA's he promised us.  Viewing note, nothing is definite until the team announces the signings.  Players, agents, and others often report a player signs with a team only to change his mind, have the team change their minds, or it's a false rumor.  Undrafted free agents can be offered signing bonuses to sign with teams, but there is a limit of $86,957.

Reported Redskins UDFA Signings

Ty Long, K, UAB (6'1", 206 lbs)

Devin Mahina, TE, BYU (6'6", 250 lbs)

Corey Crawford, DE, Clemson (6'5", 299 lbs)

Brey Cook, OT, Arkansas (6'5", 303 lbs)

Jacquise Lockett, RB, KSU (6'1", 242 lbs)

Reggie Bell, WR, San Diego (5'11", 201 lbs)

Tyler Rutenbeck, WR, Dubuque (6'2", 186 lbs)

Takoby Cofield, OT, Duke (6'4", 310 lbs)

Tony Jones, WR, Northwestern (5'11", 201 lbs)

Quinton Dunbar, WR, Florida (6'2", 201 lbs)

Connor Halliday, QB, Washington St. (6'3", 204 lbs)

Terrance Plummer, ILB ,UCF (5'11", 231 lbs)

Dyshawn Davis, ILB, Syracuse (6'2", 227 lbs)

Isiah Corbett, ILB, Southern Louisiana (6', 245 llbs)

LeAndre Vallot, DB, Grambling State (5'9", 194 lbs)

Trey Williams, RB, Texas A&M (5'7", 195 lbs)

Rookie Camp Invites

Corey Acosta, K, USM (5'10, 194 lbs)

Grant Donovan, LS, Louisville (6'1", 231 lbs)

Ben Rhyne, P, Stanford(6'2", 200 lbs)

Keshaudas Spence, RB, Sacred Heart (5'9", 238 lbs)

Troy Moore, DL, Sacred Heart (6'2", 291 lbs)

Daryl Waud, DL, Western Ontario (6'5", 294 lbs)

Deuce Robinson, OLB, Appalachian State (6'4", 247 lbs)

Daniel Rodriguez, WR, Clemson (5'7", 174 lbs)

Houston Bates, ILB, Louisiana Tech (6'1", 238 lbs)

Dasman, McCullum, OLB, Southern Miss (6'5", 246 lbs)

Gabe Ostrow, ILB, New York State-Cortland (6', 248 lbs)

Damarr Aultman, WR, Maine (5'11", 202 lbs)

Blake Sims, QB, Alabama (5'11", 218 lbs)

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