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Saturday Slop: Day 3 of the Draft

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A look at the top Redskins stories surrounding the draft out there.

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Size, Versatility, Potential drew Redskins to Smith and Jones | Washington Post

"We're just going to try to add tough, physical players," Coach Jay Gruden said Friday night after the completion of the third round. "That's the whole motto here. We're going to add guys that are tough and want to compete and the tougher the better. These two guys, and of course adding Brandon yesterday, these are three, physical guys that love to compete. The more the merrier."

NFL Draft: Day 3 top available players that fit Redskins needs | Washington Post

"We've got the board pretty much set the way we want it, and we'll have discussions [Saturday] morning before our pick comes and try to do our due diligence and figure it out," coach Jay Gruden said Friday night, after the completion of the third round. "We'll talk to the coaches and Scot, obviously. We'll go from there. But there' s still a lot of players left that can help us at a lot of different positions, and we'll take all that into consideration and make a good Redskins decision."

NFL Draft Day 3 Best Available Prospects |

Redskins GM executes his plan | ESPN Redskins Blog

As for Smith, he, too, fits that physical trait they wanted. He's also versatile. Both he and last year's second-round pick Trent Murphy can line up outside or as an end in the nickel package, which they're in around 70 percent of the time. Eventually, Murphy might add more weight and play more end but for now he's still an outside linebacker.

Jay Gruden says Alfred Morris won't be affected by Jones arrival | ESPN Redskins Blog

The Redskins drafted Florida running back Matt Jones in the third round. He's a big, physical runner at 6-foot-2, 226 pounds. Coach Jay Gruden said, "He's a little bit different than what we've had around here." That's because he's more physical, a style well-suited for the direction the running game is headed.

Bigger is better at least in the Redskins war room | CSN Washington

In the first round Washington selected Brandon Scherff, a tackle from the University of Iowa. While most projections pegged Scherff to go inside the Top 10, some were surprised McCloughan tabbed Scherff at five while USC's Leonard Williams was still on the board. What is known about Scherff is toughness, and what is obvious is size. At 6'5", 320 lbs., Scherff immediately becomes the biggest guard on the Redskins roster, and ranks between Trent Williams and Morgan Moses as the biggest tackle on the roster. McCloughan and coach Jay Gruden talked about a hard nosed run game, and Scherff should immediately step in and help that cause.

A Busy Saturday Ahead for the Redskins war room | CSN Washington

In a trade with the Seahawks, McCloughan added three picks to the Redskins' stockpile. Added to the three they have already used and the four they already have, Washington has 10 picks.

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