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Redskins 2015 Draft Class Predictions: Tevin Mitchel

Hogs Haven projects what Redskins' sixth-rounder Tevin Mitchel might do in the NFL.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

With the 182nd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Redskins selected Tevin Mitchel, CB, Arkansas.  Here are my scenarios for the 6', 187-lb. CB out of Arkansas:

Best Case:

What's this?!  Two patented Scot McCloughan late-round DB steals in a row?!  Mitchel's got excellent size for a CB, especially one who has skills in the slot.  With Porter in a body cast, Amerson being Amerson, and D-Hall aging/recovering still, Mitchel takes the starting slot CB job for himself after only one preseason game.  However, he doesn't stop there.  The coaches quickly realize that Mitchel is the best CB on the roster and even though he specializes in the slot, he needs to be in on every down.  Mitchel starts on the outside opposite of Chris Culliver and then moves into the slot in nickel and dime packages.  What's more, Mitchel is able to contribute as a special-teamer.  He's the taller version of Darrell Green.

Worst Case:

Mitchel gets hurt immediately.  He was banged up pretty frequently at Arkansas and proves that he's just a physically frail person.  He has a very low tolerance for pain and after getting hurt simply lifting weights, he's so scarred from the pain that he decides to no longer play football, workout, or basically leave his home.  Mitchel follows in the footsteps of the great Martin Luther King, Jr. and preaches non-violence across the country.  He doesn't physically come into contact with another human being for the rest of his life.  Mitchel makes Ghandi look super tough and physical.

Most Likely Case:

As a sixth-round CB, Mitchel is in a heated camp-battle with Tracy Porter to be the fifth CB.  He's able to make the roster as a reserve nickel CB.  He doesn't get hardly any PT over the course of the season but works on perfecting his craft in the hopes that he can compete for the starting nickel CB job next year.  He simply doesn't have enough experience to reasonably expect him to beat out Culliver, Breeland, Hall, and/or Amerson for PT as a rookie.  He'll likely be "on the bubble" throughout camp and watching the Mitchel vs Porter battle will be one of the more entertaining parts of this offseason.  Mitchel will be groomed to take over as the starting nickel CB in the next year or two.

Mitchel has excellent size (6') and is a twitchy, quick athlete with a very smooth backpedal.  Still, durability and strength are a concern.  He should benefit greatly from working with Mike Clark throughout the year to really get hi strength up.  Perhaps a weekend at LaRon Landry's house could be in order.  You have to like that he's a late-round DB drafted by the guru of such picks.  That gives me confidence that this guy can actually contribute in the next 2-3 years.  He needs development.  It'll be interesting to see how Fewell and Barry handle that development.