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Sunday Slop: Rookie Minicamp Observations

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A look at the top Redskins stories around the web.

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Redskins coach Jay Gruden likes what he's seen from the draft picks | ESPN Washington

"We got the big thing taken care of," Redskins coach Jay Gruden said. "Now we've just got to make sure they can play. Like Scot says, it's a big man's game. Crowder might have something to say about that. There are some guys that are effective at different sizes, but we like the guys."

Redskins rookie minicamp observations: Offense | ESPN Washington Blog

WR Jamison Crowder: A personal favorite for the day. He's listed at 5-foot-8, though that might be a little generous. Regardless, he does not play small. I like watching him cut; he does a lot of speed cuts, almost gliding after a quick plant. What you notice is the same thing that was evident in his games: He understands where the pressure is coming from and he turns accordingly. He lined up mostly in the slot, occasionally vs. Tevin Mitchel. Once, he got Mitchel leaning to his left, then cut back the other way and created several yards of separation.

Redskins rookie minicamp observations: Defense | ESPN Washington Blog

LB Preston Smith: The first thing you notice is the length. He showed versatility, too, with the ability to line up at both outside linebacker spots depending on formation. He also rushed from a four-point stance and would slant inside on occasion. He did not look as comfortable turning and dropping into coverage.

Need to know: Redskins might not get a 4th QB for camp | CSN Washington

Gruden believes that there is no pressing need to find a fourth quarterback after rookie free agent Connor Halliday decided to give up football. "Well, we brought in two quarterbacks here to look at for that fourth spot, but there's no law that says we have to bring four," Gruden said. "We have three guys who are going to really fight for every rep as it is, so in a way it's not bad to have three." Hutson Mason of Georgia and Anthony Neyer of USC are the two QBs trying out.

Scheff making two transitions as he settles in with the Redskins | CSN Washington

There were two rookie minicamp sessions on Saturday and after each of them Callahan and Washington's top draft pick stayed on the field long after the others had headed to the locker room. They appeared to be working on some pass protection techniques along with rookie guard Arie Kouandjio.