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Redskins 2015 Draft Class Predictions: Kyshoen Jarrett

Hogs Haven projects what Redskins' sixth-rounder Kyshoen Jarrett might do in the NFL.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

With the 181st pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Redskins selected Kyshoen Jarrett, S, Virginia Tech.  Here are my scenarios for the 5'10", 200-lb. S out of Virginia Tech:

Best Case:

Scotty McCloughan has done it again finding another late-round gem of a DB in the stud Jarrett.  He's the size of Earl Thomas but plays more like Kam Chancellor.  Coming into camp, Jarrett quickly establishes himself as more than just a STs demon as he overtakes the entire bunch of reserve safeties on the Redskins roster before he's given chances to run with the first team.  But when given the chance, Jarrett takes full advantage and quickly makes Perry Fewell, Joe Barry, and Jay Gruden realize that he's far more talented than the relative unknown Jeron Johnson and past-his-prime Dashon Goldson.  Jarrett earns one of the starting S spots by kickoff of the second preseason game.  Not only are Jarrett's tackling and ball-hawking skills dazzling, but Jarrett is just impossible to keep of the field in the return game and solidifies that position as well.  He takes the PR job and excels beyond even what he was able to accomplish there at VT.  Typically starting safeties don't also return punts, but Jarrett is too special to not allow him to do both.  He immediately averages 15 yards per punt return and scores multiple TDs there throughout the year.  Announces frequently accidentally call him  both Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor (the latter is incredibly shocking given their size difference).

Worst Case:

This guy is just too little to play in the NFL.  Forget about making it in our crowded S group (filled with mediocrity), but Jarrett can't even make plays on STs.  He's simply too small.  He has no shot as a PR due to Crowder/Roberts/Jackson all being far superior there and while attempting to play coverages in the first preseason game, Jarrett is broken in half.  He's given an injury settlement and is never heard from again.  He becomes an anti-football advocate and tours the country going from elementary school to elementary school to warn about the dangers of playing football... especially if you're only an average to slightly above average sized human.  He's mistaken for a child and sent to the principal's office where he is forced to call his own mother and confess to having gotten tattoos at such a young age.

Most Likely Case:

The most likely case is that Jarrett is able to blend in with the group of reserve safeties on the roster and can't really separate himself from them defensively.  As a hard-hitting (and hopefully hard working) sixth-round rookie, Jarrett dedicates himself to STs in whatever capacity is asked of him.  It takes a while to pick up the nuances of playing S in the NFL and odds are, Jarrett won't get there as a rookie.  But his tackling is good enough to become a STs regular/contributor and he's even given some spot duty chances as a punt returner during the preseason and shows some good ability there.  He's "on the bubble" throughout camp and the preseason, but due to his versatility to fill in as a reserve returner and still become one of the primary contributors on STs with his vicious tackling, Jarrett is one of the last guys to make the final 53.  Jarrett should be able to dress and continue to contribute as a special-teamer throughout the season.  After that, who knows?  You can never have too much toughness and energy on STs, and Jarrett has those in spades.

Jarrett's hitting ability is crazy-impressive.  I believe he'll be able to step in and make a difference on STs from day one.  I'm not sure what (if any) his future is actually playing S on defense, but if he works hard enough, I'll like his chances knowing that he's a DB that Scot McCloughan drafted.  Either way, he has the ability to make a career for himself on STs while working to improve as a S.