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The District is Coming!

The next in the battle cry series of show reminders for The District.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight on The District! It's a hot one. Like seven inches from the midday sun!

We'll be smooth with Santana Moss around 7 o'clock tonight, if you're into that sort of thing. We get his take on the Redskins' draft picks, pre-season workouts, and probably some other stuff. We probably won't mention Carlos Santana.

After Santana, we'll be joined by Marc Istook from the NFL Network. He's the host of NFL Now. Who better to talk about Deflate-Gate?

And for giggles we'll talk about how the Caps and Wizards collapsed. To end on a high note, we'll talk about how well the Nats are doing. Marc (Shea) might even have enough time to do a little segment of his choosing. This may or may not include instructions on how to vote for The District's new logo.

If you have any questions to ask Santana, Marc (Istook), or any of us, please tweet them to @DistrictStrong or post them to We'll see if any of them can legally be asked on air. The show will be streaming from and simulcast here on And, as always, The District is a 1st Amendment Sports production.