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Really, New England? REALLY?!?!?!

Stop with the indignation already, New England.

Craig Barritt/Getty Images

So, it seems like the entire world thinks the Patriots got what they had coming...except anyone living in the Boston area. I find the reaction to this penalty laughable, as the Patriots will still be one of the best football teams on the planet. The draft picks hurt, but this team won't even blink as it deals with the impact of losing these picks. All that matters is they still have all of their salary cap space. Instead of paying a first-rounder, they will pay a guy who has already proven he can play in the league. It really is that simple. Tom Brady's name gets smeared a little bit, but a guy who is married to an honest-to-goodness supermodel and is likely to go down as one of the top three or four quarterbacks EVER can handle being the face of this thing--after all, most people believe that this has been done by many (most?) quarterbacks. This is not going to sink his legacy by a long shot. If you loved him before, you love him more now. If you hated him before, you just still hate him.

But what would Seth Meyers say here? Hmmmmm...maybe:

You just played in your SIXTH Super Bowl in the last dozen years, hoisting your fourth Lombardi Trophy, and you think you are somehow being unfairly held down? Really?

In that same time period, the NFL found your organization GUILTY of spying on a competitor and fined you $500k and stripped you of a first round pick. Is it that unbelievable that your team could have slightly bent the rules again? Really?

You guys lost a first-round draft pick as a result of spying on your opponents. You still made it to THREE Super Bowls since. The Redskins, already a shitty team when they got hammered by the league AN INTRA-DIVISIONAL OWNER, have yet to recover from losing $36 million of salary cap space...and you guys are bitching about the way you have been treated by "the league?" Really?!?!?!

Your Hall of Fame, geriatric quarterback is going to get a couple weeks of rest in the fall, so you have a perfect reason to play a young passer that your organization feels extremely high on without benching anyone or stepping on old Tom's toes, and you are acting like you are being blackballed out of the NFL? Really?!?!

Again, you keep all of your salary cap, your legendary coach stays on the sidelines and the NFL is not taking any banners off of the wall...and you think the penalty is too severe? Really??!?!

You would be hard-pressed to find many (or any) fans who would turn down the chance to compete for as many trophies as your team has in return for a few penalties like the ones you have received, and you act like you are being overly persecuted? REALLY?!?!?!

You need so badly to feel like the world is against you that you have forgotten how good you have it, and how untouchable you clearly are in this league. The league could have torpedoed the Patriots in the leadup to the Super Bowl, but they didn't. You could have lost picks in the draft that was just held. You could have lost more Tom Brady games. The NFL has barely nicked you and you are acting as if you have just been docked enough salary cap to keep you from being competitive for years to come (like the Redskins were). You really have to act like you are in a bunker here? REALLY?!?!?