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Alabama QB to Redskins RB?

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Well known college QB will be at Redskins rookie minicamp... but not under C.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

The Redskins will be trying out former Alabama QB Blake Sims at their rookie mini-camp this weekend.  However, he won't be playing QB.  He'll be trying out at RB.

Sims has played QB at Alabama for the past three years after starting his career there as a RB.  The team was very successful (SEC Champions and made it to the college playoffs) with Sims under C this past season.

The Packers had Blake Sims tryout during their rookie mini-camp this past weekend as a QB, but he left with no contract.  Perhaps his best chance to stick in the NFL is at RB?  The Redskins will get the first shot at finding out.

Sims only experience at RB was during his freshman season at Alabama when he ran for 107 yards on 22 carries.  He then moved to QB where he was A.J. McCarron's backup for two years before earning the starting position this past season.  Alabama went 12-2 with Sims under C and he ended up passing for 3,487 yards while rushing for 350 yards on 83 carries.