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2015 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Select Matt Jones

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The Washington Redskins add to their 2015 haul by selecting running back Matt Jones after trading back deep into the third round.

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

With the 95th pick in the 2015 Draft, the Washington Redskins add to their 2015 haul by picking running back Matt Jones.

A lot of very good players have been welcomed into the NFL since the Redskins were last supposed to pick. I have been sensing a real feeling of anxiety over this race back. The thing I have heard the most is, "What can we possibly get in the fifth, sixth and seventh rounds that make this deal worth it?"

I suppose I will just suggest we wait until tomorrow. My guess is that McLovin' is going to be placing a premium on special teams players that have a chance to develop into starters. That means linebackers and safeties. The extra picks give him the chance to find those players.

We wanted to give McLovin' as much amnmo as possible in this draft, and this trade back in the third round did just that.

As for Matt Jones, the University of Florida product, Mike Mayock describes him as a "specimen." He is a physical runner that punishes would-be tacklers. He definitely fits the bill for the kind of physical style that McLovin' has been talking about the last couple of weeks. He wants the Redskins to impose their will on teams, and guys like Matt Jones give you the chance to attack defenses in short yardage situations and near the goal line.

Check out YOUR newest member of the Washington Redskins: