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"There's a New Scherff in Town" T-Shirts

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The Redskins have a new big, nasty OL and he needs a T-Shirt

Brandon Scherff is the newest Washington Redskins offensive lineman, and has fans pretty excited about a big, nasty player who loves to play through the whistle.  Scherff is a mauler and brings an attitude to the right side of the Redskins line that hasn't been there in a long time.  If Scherff sticks at right tackle, there will be a pair of athletic tackles that love to let the other team know they played the Redskins, which is just what GM Scot McCloughan wants.

Our friends at BreakingT are back, and as they always do, have captured the moment with their new shirt dedicated to Brandon Scherff.  "There's a new Scherff in Town" immediately started popping up on TV and twitter last night after he was selected, and it's probably not going away anytime soon.  Scott Allen from the Washington Post is not a fan, but as the man said himself at the Combine(2:00 mark), call him Sheriff.

Order one today from BreakingT

Order one today from BreakingT