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Remember to Listen to The District! 7-8PM TONIGHT!

This is your reminder to drink the Kool-Aid.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight on The District! Winners are crowned. Boys become men. And we broadcast from a secret bunker, deep in Centreville.

The Nats will be three games into the 2015 season. So we should know if it's a World Series year or a complete disaster by now. So we'll break down what we've seen so far.

Mike Jones (not THAT Mike Jones, the good Mike Jones) will join us. You've probably read his work in The Washington Post. Chances are, that discussion will revolve around the Redskins. We have questions from listeners and CEO's to answer. We also crown a winner in The District's NCAA men's basketball bracket.

If you have any questions to ask Mike Jones or any of us, please comment on the show's page or tweet them to @DistrictStrong. We'll see if any of them can legally be asked on air. The show will be streaming from and simulcast here on Hogshaven. And, as always, The District is a 1st Amendment Sports production.