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Hogs Haven Redskins Greatest Memories Final

Vote for your all-time favorite Redskins memory.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Based on the voting and comments from our Final Four bracket setting, I made the executive decision to go with a three-horse final. In the least shocking news of the day, two of the top three memories in this particular contest all have their roots in the distant past.

I never thought RG3's touchdown run against Minnesota would contend, and it didn't. What I did not expect was how strong Darryl Grant's interception return for a score in the NFC Champ would do against Art Monk's standing ovation in Canton. It enters the Final as the favorite, and here, again, is the earth-shaking video:

One thing was for certain: Sean Taylor's memory echoed loud enough to carry his blocked kick return against Dallas. There was just no way this player was going to be left out of this championship. I was in the stands, and let me tell you, it still gives me chills:

From the comments came the most obvious omission from my list: Darryl Green's punt return touchdown against the Chicago Bears in the 1987 playoffs. Spraining his rib cartilage in a timeless hurdle away from the right sidelines, Green darted back to the left and coasted into the end zone to give the Redskins the lead. Here is the video:

I thought it was interesting that in all of these games, the "A" team was doing the call. I guess we'll have to do a Madden/Summerall vs. Buck/Aikman poll someday. Vegas has Madden/Summerall in a landslide.