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2015 NFL Draft: What Are the Odds?

What are the odds that the Redskins will trade out of the #5 spot this year?

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It's draft day, and we know all the players at the top of this year's draft.  What are the odds that certain players will go to the teams they are being projected to?  How likely is it that the Washington Redskins will make a trade in the firs round?  Will any current players be traded for picks?  And will Chip Kelly make his deal with the devil to move up for Marcus Mariota?  Football Betting Center has put together a ton of odds for this year's draft and you can check out the entire list here. What is the safest bet this year?

2015 NFL Draft Odds:

Over/Under on how many of the 28 players attending the draft don't hug Commissioner Roger Goodell after being drafted: 1

Odds that the fans boo Commissioner Roger Goodell during his entire time on stage at the start of the draft? 1/4

Over/Under on the total length of Round 1 of the NFL Draft: 4.2 Hours

Odds that Adrian Peterson is part of a draft day trade: 7/2

Odds that Philip Rivers is part of a draft day trade: 7/2

Odds of Winston and Mariota going 1-2 (in any order): 1/2

Odds to be the #1 pick

Jameis Winston (Florida State): 1/15

Marcus Mariota (Oregon): 6/1

Leonard Williams (USC): 20/1

FIELD: 20/1

Odds to be the first WR drafted

Amari Cooper (Alabama): 3/5

Kevin White (West Virginia): 9/5

FIELD: 10/1

Odds to be the first defensive player drafted

Leonard Williams (USC): 1/1

Dante Fowler Jr. (Florida): 6/5

Vic Beasley (Clemson): 8/1

Randy Gregory (Nebraska): 12/1

FIELD: 12/1

Odds on the number of QBs that will be drafted in Round 1

1: 1000/1

2: 1/20

3 or more: 15/1

Odds on the number of RBs that will be drafted in Round 1

0: 10/1

1: 2/1

2: 2/3

3: 8/1

Odds on the number of WRs that will be drafted in Round 1

2: 15/1

3: 10/1

4: 7/3

5 or more: 2/3

Odds of where the following players end up ...

Jameis Winston (Florida State):

Tampa Bay: 1/9

Tennessee: 8/1

San Diego: 10/1

Marcus Mariota (Oregon):

Tennessee: 1/2

NY Jets: 3/1

Philadelphia: 3/1

San Diego: 5/1

Amari Cooper (Alabama):

NY Jets: 5/2

Chicago: 3/1

Oakland: 4/1

St. Louis: 5/1

Melvin Gordon (Wisconsin):

Arizona: 3/1

San Diego: 4/1

Dallas: 4/1

Baltimore: 6/1

NY Jets: 12/1

Todd Gurley (Georgia):

NY Jets: 3/1

San Diego: 3/1

Atlanta: 5/2

Miami: 6/1

Baltimore: 12/1

Dallas: 12/1

Kevin White (West Virginia):

NY Jets: 2/1

Oakland: 5/2

Chicago: 5/1

NY Giants: 5/1

St. Louis: 8/1

Odds on the total number of Round 1 draft picks that will be traded

(including the Seattle and Buffalo picks that have already been traded to Cleveland and New Orleans, respectively)
2: 20/1

3: 15/1

4: 10/1

5 or more: 1/4

Odds the following teams trade (one of) their Round 1 pick(s)

Philadelphia: 3/2

San Diego: 3/2

Tennessee: 3/2

Cleveland: 2/1

Jacksonville: 3/1

Oakland: 5/1

Washington: 5/1

NY Jets: 5/1

St. Louis: 5/1

Detroit: 5/1

New England: 6/1

Odds to be the last player in the Green Room at the NFL Draft

Cedric Ogbuehi, OT (Texas A&M): 7/1

Devin Smith, WR (Ohio State): 7/1

Donovan Smith, OT (Penn State): 7/1

Benardrick McKinney, LB (Mississippi State): 9/1

Jaelen Strong, WR (Arizona State): 9/1

Laken Tomlinson, OL (Duke): 9/1

Arik Armstead, DL (Oregon): 12/1

Landon Collins, S (Alabama): 12/1

D.J. Humphries, OL (Florida): 12/1

Byron Jones, CB (Connecticut): 25/2

Cameron Erving, OL (Florida State): 15/1

Melvin Gordon, RB (Wisconsin): 15/1

La'el Collins, OL (LSU): 18/1

Randy Gregory, DE/LB (Nebraska): 20/1

Kevin Johnson, CB (Wake Forest): 20/1

Todd Gurley, RB, (Georgia): 25/1

Breshad Perriman, WR (Central Florida): 25/1

Bud Dupree, LB (Kentucky): 50/1

DeVante Parker, WR (Louisville): 50/1

Trae Waynes, CB (Michigan State): 50/1

FIELD: 15/1

Odds to be the school with the most first round picks

Florida State: 1/1

Oregon: 5/1

Alabama: 5/1

USC: 6/1

Washington: 6/1

Florida: 8/1

FIELD: 6/1

Odds to be the conference with the most first round picks

SEC: 6/5

ACC: 9/4

Pac-12: 9/4

Big Ten: 15/2

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