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2015 NFL Draft: Washington Redskins Rumors Tracker

What are the talking heads saying about the Redskins in this year's draft?

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Trade talk has been going on since the Redskins 5th overall pick was finalized.  Well now it's draft, and we're at the peak of lying season so the rumors are heating up.  Check back here throughout the day as we follow all the rumors involving the Redskins, and some others that will affect what happens at #5.  Who is trading up for Marcus Mariota? How much is Chip Kelly really willing to give up?  Who wants the Redskins pick?  Stay tuned...

Redskins Trade Talk:

Dante Fowler or OL:

Redskins Interested in Bud Dupree After Trade Down?

The goal could be to slide down far enough to get more picks but to still have a realistic shot at linebacker Bud Dupree. With Jameis Winston and Mariota most likely to be the first two players gone and only two more picks to go before Washington is on the clock, McCloughan will be able to dangle Fowler, receiver Amari Cooper, and/or defensive lineman Leonard Williams.

Eagles Trading for Marcus Mariota?

Browns trading for Marcus Mariota?

More Competition for Mariota

NFL news twitter feed:

Redskins twitter feed:

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