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Washington Redskins Draft Profiles: Jameis Winston, QB

Hogs Haven takes a look at NFL prospects heading into the 2015 draft

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

Jameis Winston


Height: 6' 4", Weight: 231 lbs

Florida State

Strengths: Jameis is passionate. He has energy to spare. He is built to withstand punishment. He has great feel and anticipates where his receivers will be before they seem to know! He has good pocket awareness without having happy feet. Winston can spread the ball around and has good touch on deep passes. He excels under pressure. He seems to be a great teammate and the loyalty shown to him at FSU backs that up.

Weaknesses: Oh wow! Where to begin? If you're reading this article, the odds are good that you are already aware of Winston's off the field issues. Let's begin with football related weaknesses. Jameis is a showman. He likes to make big plays, sometimes when there isn't one to be made. He will throw into an impossible window instead of taking a small gain underneath. His short game is not great. His windup is slow. He does not have the quick release that scouts are looking for. Once Winston has decided to leave the pocket, his decision making and poise suffer. He also phoned it in through the first half of several games last season, having to come from behind to win.

Jameis Winston is definitely NOT winning off the field. His decision making is poor, to say the least. According to, Winston "[w]as stopped by police at gunpoint and investigated for reported $4,200 in damage to apartment complex from BB gun fight in November 2012. Was investigated in 2013 after being accused of sexual assaulting an FSU student in December 2012, but was never charged. Cited for shoplifting crab legs from a Tallahassee grocery store in April 2014. Suspended from game against Clemson in September 2014 after shouting an obscene phrase while inside the FSU student union."

Bottom Line: Jameis Winston can be a franchise quarterback. He can also be a public relations nightmare. So is he worth the trouble he will most likely find himself in? That's hard to say. It hasn't worked out so well for Johnny Manziel. But then again, Winston is a better QB. Regardless of where he goes, it'll be interesting to watch the show.

Projected Round: 1

Team He Fits Best On: Buccaneers, Buccaneers, Buccaneers, Titans