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Report: Missouri OLB Shane Ray Cited for Marijuana Possession

Another top OLB prospect will have their draft stock tested by marijuana use

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Last month it was Nebraska OLB Randy Gregory admitting that he failed his drug test for marijuana at the NFL Scouting Combine.  Today another top OLB has been linked to marijuana use, and could see their draft stock fall.  Shane Ray was reportedly pulled over in Cooper County Missouri this morning at 6:07 am for failure to drive in the right lane of the highway with 2 or more lanes.  He was cited for possession of 35 grams of marijuana or less.

Ray was already seeing his name tumble down some draft boards and mock drafts with news that his foot could require surgery.  Reports later came out that Ray would not need surgery, instead he will just need to rest the foot until it is properly healed.  This off the field incident could drop him even more, and he will likely enter Stage 1 of the NFL's Drug program.  Ray has been linked to the Redskins numerous times over the offseason, but his name had been mentioned less frequently over the last month.

Vic Beasley and Dante Fowler, Jr. had become the top two players projected at the #5 pick due to questions about Gregory and Ray.  ESPN's Todd McShay recently gave Ray to the Redskins after semi-explaining that this would happen after the team traded back a few spots.  This recent incident could take Ray completely off the board for Washington, at least in the first round.

3 more days until the draft...

[UPDATE: 4/28/15, 1:00 am] Shane Ray's statement on the incident