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The Cleveland Browns Have Talked to the Redskins About a Trade for the 5th Overall Pick

The Browns have contacted multiple Top 10 teams to find out cost of moving up

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

During Washington Redskins GM Scot McCloughan's draft week presser today, he mentioned several times that he would like to acquire more picks in this year's draft.  The team has it's original 7 picks, but McCloughan said he would love to walk away with 10 picks this year.  He also spoke about the possibility of trading down in every round at this year's NFL Owners Meetings.

"If it's a win for us, and it's going to make us stronger, no doubt about it. I'll take any phone calls. I cannot see us really moving up, but I can see us moving back. Not just in the first round, but [moving back] in the second, third or fourth round. I have a lot of other GM's that I'm really close with, that I've traded with before, and if I can add more young, good football players...definitely."

McCloughan also brought up the possibility of a trade down when Leonard Williams name came up.  Would he draft Williams at 5, absolutely, but he also knows that a player like Williams will entice teams to move up.  If the deal is right, the Redskins would consider moving down and picking up a few additional picks.  The Redskins have been putting out the idea that they would consider taking a QB at #5 if he was the best player available.  Even after announcing the Redskins were exercising Robert Griffin III's 5th-year option, McCloughan said that would not change their draft plans. Not many people are buying the QB at #5 story, but anything is possible in the draft.

There will be multiple teams in the Top 10 who could be looking to trade down this year, and NFL Media's Albert Breer names the Redskins and Jets specifically here. There have also been other teams rumored to be open to it like the Tennessee Titans who hold the keys to Marcus Mariota.  Ian Rapoport is reporting that the Cleveland Browns are one of the teams outside of the Top 10 who are gauging interest and cost to move up this year.  Multiple reports have said the Browns "covet" Marcus Mariota and are interested in moving up for the QB, but he isn't expected to make it past #2.  If he somehow does fall to he Redskins at #5, the Browns would likely find a willing trade partner, and McCloughan would get closer to his 10 draft picks for 2015. Other options for the Browns could be a WR like Amari Cooper or Kevin White with Josh Gordon's continued suspensions.

The Browns hold two 1st round picks(#12 and 19), but would likely try to trade 2nd and/or 3rd round picks to keep #19.  Although GM Ray Farmer was recently asked about the possibility of trading both 1st round picks, and his response was, "Sure, why not?".  McCloughan spoke today about being careful that you don't drop too far, or you risk missing out on a group of players you have targeted.  Is dropping down 7 spots too far in this draft?  Some experts have said there only a handful of potentially elite prospects, and then the talent level drops off significantly.