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Daily Slop: The Redskins Likely to Pick Up RGIII's Fifth-Year Option

A collection of Redskins stories from around the web

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Washington Redskins wake-up call: Scot McCloughan presser - Washington Redskins Blog - ESPN
The No. 5 pick. Well, duh, right? What everyone wants to know is what the Redskins will do with that selection. The closer we get to the draft, the more it seems -- if they stay put -- that they’ll walk away with an edge rusher. So it’ll be interesting to hear McCloughan discuss the edge rushers (how much he’ll say is another matter). And, yes, you have to take everything in stride when it comes to what teams say about players so close to the draft. Here's what coach Jay Gruden said about the pass-rushers at the owners meetings last month

The Case For Shane Ray - ESPN
Chances of it happening: Moderate at best. I have a feeling (and have been told) the Redskins have other edge rushers rated higher. (Hear everything, believe nothing at this time of the year, so we’ll see. But Dante Fowler and Vic Beasley, I believe, would be taken over Ray.) Ray’s toe injury should be nothing more than a short-term issue, but if you’re deciding between two players you like about the same, that could make a difference.

Redskins draft board: Quarterback | Comcast SportsNet Washington
Comment: There’s no position in football more important than quarterback. And right now there’s no question at Redskins Park more important than the following: Do they have one? There are three quarterbacks on the roster as the offseason program begins, and none of them has proven he’s capable of being a bona fide No. 1.

Redskins Draft Countdown: Miami OT Ereck Flowers | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
How he fits the Redskins: Robert Griffin III recently recounted a conversation he had with Scot McCloughan about the Redskins getting “tough in the trenches”. If that really is their goal they should take a close look at Flowers. I particularly like the parts in the strengths description above where Zierlein talks about Flowers being “mean and highly competitive” and says that “he usually sustains and finishes.” You don’t always find those traits in such big players. He looks like someone the Redskins could drop in at right tackle opposite Trent Williams and have bookends for the next five years or so. And, although most Redskins fans don’t like to think about this, should Williams depart in free agency after this season, Flowers has the ability to move to left tackle.

Need to Know: What’s the best case win total for the 2015 Redskins? | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
I assume you’re talking about trading down in the first round, down from their No. 5 spot. Right now my gut feeling is that there is about a 65 percent chance that they stay put and 35 percent chance that they will make a deal. If they do trade, there are the obvious trade partners we’ve been hearing about, the Browns and Saints. But the obvious isn’t always what happens in the NFL draft. Maybe the Dolphins, picking 14th, will want to make a move up for a receiver or the Falcons might be willing to pay a premium to jump up from No. 8 to grab the edge rusher of their choice.

Need to Know: Can the Redskins draft an immediate starter on the O-line? | Rich Tandler's Real Redskins
You always have to be careful about assuming a draft pick is going to be an instant starter, or even a starter at any point. But an offensive lineman taken in the first two rounds is a pretty good bet to slide in as the primary starter as a rookie. There were 11 offensive linemen taken in the first and second rounds last year. All but three of them started at least 12 games.

Malcom Brown Ready To Prove He 'Can Do It All'
When it came time to decide on his NFL future after his junior season, Texas Longhorns’ defensive lineman Malcom Brown needed to take into consideration far more than just his personal goals. “A lot went into it because I had to finish school, my wife had to finish school, so that took a lot of thought because both us wanted to finish school,” he said. “So we sat down and talked and came up with the best decision was to come out.”

Big Carl Davis Uses Length, Athleticism
Carl Davis certainly isn’t the most talked about defensive line prospect in the NFL Draft this year, but the Iowa product is hoping to become a household name sooner rather than later. Davis, an imposing figure at 6-foot-4 and 321 pounds, played in 43 games with the Hawkeyes, compiling 94 total tackles (31 solo), 14.5 tackles for a loss and 3.5 sacks.

RGIII: 'I'm not the person people made me out to be' -
"People want you to be a certain person, and it's unfortunate for them that I'm not the person they made me out to be," Griffin said in a sit down with The Washington Post. "That's why I can smile and have fun with my family and step on that football field with no worries and play like it's my last game that I'm ever gonna play every time that I'm out there on the field.

Roster Reset: Philadelphia Eagles ahead in NFC East -
What's changed: Under new general manager Scot McCloughan, the Redskins took a smarter, more measured approach to free agency. The defensive line is now stronger and more athletic with Terrance Knighton, Stephen Paea and Ricky Jean Francois all signed to reasonable contracts.

Redskins will likely pick up RGIII's fifth-year option -
Robert Griffin III will probably be in burgundy and gold through 2016. NFL Media's Albert Breer reported Monday that Griffin, the Washington Redskins' No. 2 overall pick in the 2012 draft, will likely have his fifth-year option picked up by the club ahead of next Monday's deadline. The cost -- $16.1 million -- is viewed by the club as a discount version of the franchise tag and may give them one more season to make a clear evaluation.